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Oral Health Promotion Foundation is Registered Not –For Profit Sec 8 Company which is established in the year 2016. We are committed to improving Oral Public Health by Promoting advanced science-based dentistry that puts the patient at the center through our initiatives in education, research, and development of high standards’ for dental care in India.

We are the flag bearer of oral health in rural areas; our main purpose is to provide dental care to every strata of Society without Any barriers of Socioeconomic Status. We acknowledge that Oral Health is an integral Part of general Health and Well Being.

We are working on Framework of establishment Of National Level Organization to Collaborate with State and Local Partner to develop Community Based Strategy to Solve Oral Health Issues.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to improve Oral Health and healthy Life and Achieving Oral Health for All. We also aim to represent the dental Professional, Front Line Oral Health Workers and Support Members (Being Dentist Community) in the Provision of affordable, Comprehensive and quality Oral Health Care.

Our Mission

OHPF is dedicated to promoting oral Health Awareness; we are conducting Screening & Treatment on regular basis to improve Oral Health Outcomes.

We are also working actively in promoting oral health, tobacco Cessation and early cancer detection to improve the quality of Life and eliminate oral health disparities. Our mission is Oral Health for All.

OHPF Endeavors to accomplish its Mission of oral health for all by

  • Conducting Regular Oral Health Checkup Camps in Villages and Schools to Raise Awareness.
  • To build a Community of Dedicated Dental Health Professional (Being Dentist) who can help in achieving Oral health For All.
  • To Provide Training to Front Line Health Workers for oral health and Hygiene.
  • Preventing oral Disease by promoting oral health through awareness and dissemination of Information.
  • Promoting the recent knowledge gained from research to improve public health by educating Oral Health Professional and Policy Makers.
  • Advocacy with Government sector to raise a voice for oral health disparities.
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