• This Project Will increases the efficiency, reach and impact of dentistry by connecting dental care providers to Rural and Semi Urban patients at the point of care.
  • It is the use of electronic information, imaging and communication technologies , including interactive audio, video & data communications to provide and support dental care delivery to the prospective patients.
  • We have the experience for virtual consultations and high-tech monitoring of patients which offer convenient care options for patients.

Channel Partner

  • Medical Shop ( Main Focus)
  • Clinics/ Nursing Home
  • E-Mitra / Kiosk
  • Provisional Store/ Ration Shop
  • PHC/ CHC

Dental Service Providers and Referral Network

  • Dental Clinics (Near By)
  • Government Dental Treatment
  • Dental Department / Medical College
  • Private/Government Dental College
  • Mobile Dental Clinics

Collaboration Partner

  • State Health Department
  • Rural Development /
    Panchayati Raj Sansthan
  • Local NGOs/ Health care
    Service Providers

Outreach Strategy

  • Training and Awareness Session of Channel Partners
  • Oral Health Edutainment Channel in Local Language for IEC Work
  • Poster/ Leaflet IEC Material Distribution
  • Smile Ambassador Program
  • ASHA/AWC Program
  • Dentel Dental Network ( All Dental Services Providers Mapped Out )
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